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"Time" Series Books Coming Soon

  • Book 1 - Time Conquers All

    When Princess Tamea has reoccurring dreams of a young man fighting in a futuristic war far ahead of her time, she worries about her sanity. But when she also has a vision of this man some years older, where he dies in her arms in another time and place, she knows something in her life is about to change.

    Then she meets King Parker and his brothers from the neighboring country of Altare. This King looks just like the man from her vision. Once
    Tamea touches him, her mind is swept back into his past, and to those dreams that have haunted her for months. As she searches for answers, she finds even more questions about this King's mysterious past and how his country had quickly gained their land from their neighboring countries of Nepal and Bengal.

    When King Parker meets the youngest Colonel in Laie's history, he's definitely not comfortable with this young woman being assigned to personally guard his safety while their two countries forge a new alliance. To finalize the treaty, which would allow Altare to share their technologically advanced weapons, King Parker knows it's his duty to marry Laie's queen. However, he finds it hard to seal the deal when he realizes it's not Queen Suu-Naung he needs and desires, but the young, passionate Princess Tamea who possesses a warrior's instincts.

    Parker questions his own sanity in starting this love affair, just as he questions how this young lady could have become a high-ranking officer in the 1500's Asia, where women's rights were suppressed behind curtains and veils.

    As Tamea's psychic abilities suddenly blossom, Parker becomes irrevocably connected to her in this time and place. With the passionate Princess igniting the fire in his life, Parker also begins questioning his long-standing scientific goal; going back to his future.

    It seems, as soon as they find each other, intrigue and war threaten to separate them forever. Altare and Laie must quickly join forces to stop their mutual enemies from within their own ranks and from their neighboring country of Bengal.

    Princess Tamea begins healing the King's emotional scars leftover from another time and place, in the 1960's America, where Parker fought for his country in the Vietnam War. Even though the Princess has been trained to infiltrate and protect, it's King Parker of Altare who brings in the big guns from an era long in the future, saving her from the enemies' torturous plans.

    Time does indeed conquer all! Thus proving the mystical theory that everything happens for a reason. Even when what happens is not correct - In time.

  • Book 2 - “Finding Time”

War is imminent with Bengal, but will this new form of technology prevail, even over the primitive swords and arrows from the 16th century? Now that Tamea has been saved from the enemies’ hands, Parker must leave her behind to fight for his country with these mysterious super weapons devised by Altare’s scientist.

Will life ever settle down to the point for Tamea and Parker to get to know one another? Bengal finally backs off from their destructive desire to bring Laie and Altare to its knees? It could become a test of time itself to keep this couple together as Tamea must risk her life once again to save Parker’s in between space and time.

  • Book 3 - “Lost In Time”

When the time finally comes for those from Altare to decide where and more importantly when their destinies lie, King Parker is forced to make a choice again. Two of his brothers decide they wish to try out the future but find they need Parker’s assistance to accomplish this.

Tamea who has now settled as Parker’s wife and Altare’s new queen must stay behind due to their unborn child. Parker races with time to make it back to her before his one month window of opportunity closes for another ten years. Little did he know that Kincaid from his past had installed a time chip inside him so he could track when and if the King ever moved through time and had followed Parker to avenge his life and love.

Tamea receives word from her old mentor in Laie that the queen had been kidnapped by ship and was being held by their enemies Sultan Jahmanan of Bengal and General Lauder. They are demanding weapons from Altare and Laie in exchange for Queen Andrey and have requested Tamea to handle the transaction. Tamea rushes to Bengal to do what she can to free her mother, but first she must deal with the premature birth of her baby, a husband who is running out of time to get back to her, and increasing manifestations of psychic gifts, both hers and that of her unborn son.

  • Book 4 - “Sea of Time: The Buccaneers”1500's war ship
    Brandt & Reed’s Story

Captain Brandt Altare and Captain Charles Reed share a voyage of a lifetime as they sail down the Bay of Bengal making their way to Indonesia. With a commandeered ship from Laie, Brandt’s stashed money, and a little help from the pre-knowledge of sailing navigational instruments and maps, they grab the chance of fame and fortune.

Several events they had not bargained on are Brandt’s imprisonment by the Portuguese government in southern India and a woman pirate who stands in the path of their destinies. Will Brandt finally meet his match with this woman, who quickly becomes his biggest nightmare and his greatest challenge, or will he be able to continue his long chain of broken hearts?

Their destinies pull them back to Altare and Laie when they receive word that Tamea had been taken by Sultan Jahmanan of Bengal. They are demanding arms and the royal family of Altare’s interception for her release. Unfortunately, Brandt is the only Altare left in this time period who can intercede on her behalf. Brandt and Reed must race with time to get to Tamea before she either dies at Bengal’s hands or takes matters into her own, which could become a critical error for the world.

  • Book 5 - “A Laie in Time” – Almar II – as the King of Laie

Almar II awakens to feel something had gone terribly wrong with the rescue of his mother and sister. When he gets a vision sent by Tamea where she had taken the shot meant for Parker in the future, but was now somewhere stuck in between time and space, Almar sends Terance to Bengal to find out what had happened.

Almar also attempts to figure out the mystery of his young nephew’s volatile nature, while the sleeping giant of China stirs with accusations of a treachery Laie had no hand in, but had been set-up to take the fall. And to make matters worse, the English have moved forces on the Altare border by way of India, and are staking their claim on Altare and Laie. But the English are several years too early in coming to this part of Asia, according to Kincaid’s Historical Timeline Portable Computer. And with the English, Laie’s French origins, only dooms their political relationship from the start.

  • Book 6 - “Take a Chance with Time”
    The Walker and Maxwell Story

When Walker and Maxwell settle in the now altered 1973, they did not know that fate had its hand in forever altering their brother, Parker’s destiny. Something has happened to Parker’s wife Tamea in the past that shows up in the history books as triggering a cataclysmic war that nobody could win.

Walker must decide if he should go back before this catastrophe happens and do what he can to keep it from transpiring or should he ignore what fate has dealt Parker and live with how Tamea’s actions had altered history. There is also the problem of leaving his newfound love who is a history fanatic and a librarian. She does not know Walker was born in 1567 and has an older brother who was born in 1950.

Maxwell must also decide if he goes back with his education and knowledge of how wonderful things work in the 20th century, even if it had been altered, or stay in the 1970’s. Either way he must pull out Kincaid’s documentation and figure out how they can send someone back before the ten year time cycle. And through the scientist’s notes they find out how twisted the man really was and how he had known by tinkering with time, he would be skewing the essence of time itself.

  • Book 7 - “Time Heals All Wounds”

Now that they know how and where the scientist, Dr. Spencer Kincaid has skewed time and space through his twisted experiments, Parker and his brothers have to stop Kincaid at the source. They go way back into the future to 2437 to stop Kincaid from making his first experimental explorations into 1498 where he meets Leonardo De Vinci, then into 1576 where he befriends the young William Shakespeare and starts the chain reaction that ricochets throughout time.

Unfortunately, Kincaid knows they are coming since he had already been to the future. He holds the Historical Timeline Book in his library and watches them as they became altered. Would it matter if they stopped him in 2437 because he had been to the future but does not document this in his notes? Kincaid decides to test fate again and waits for the Altare brothers to see if dying again would indeed stop the cycle.

  • Book 8 - “Time’s Destiny”
    The story of Tamea & Parker’s son, Ngawang Namgyal

Tamea and Parker’s son, Ngawang is left in Tibet’s Ralang Buddhist monastery of Drukpa Kagyus with Suk Pham for specialized training to control his special mental powers. In 1616, Ngawang is now 26 years old and a powerful mystic when the Gelugs of China seize control, forcing the lamas and the volatile young mystic to seek refuge in Altare. But will Ngawang just let the Chinese take over Tibet or will he make Altare his last stand against the Chinese going further into Asia?

Ngawang inherited his father’s military leadership and charisma and his mother’s fighting strategy and mental abilities. His destiny lies in thwarting the invading troops from Tibet, while he assumes title of Shabdrung Rimpoche, the supreme religious power and proclaims himself the temporal and spiritual ruler of Altare.

Over the next 35 years, Ngawang unites Altare and builds massive dzongs (monastic fortresses), bringing his father’s country into a new enlightenment and into a new super power that does not need the technology of the future. They change the country of Altare, now naming it its rightful name of Bhutan.

It also becomes questionable whether his mother and father are able to return to the 17th century and whether Ngawang will ever see them again in his time. As the Rimpoche and with his mystic abilities growing ever stronger, he may gain the ability to reincarnate himself into the future to find his parents in their time.

  • Book 9 or 10 – “Time for Time’s Sake”
    Dr. Maxwell’s Story – the scientist

After the door on time is supposedly closed, Altare and Laie no longer exist in the 1500’s, and who knows what other paradoxes have been altered. But have all the changes the Altare Brother’s made actually fix the problems or just lead time toward an alternate vein? If they had fixed the changes then, why did the disco era not only happen but kept reoccurred every other generation with the 70’s resurgence in clothes style, music, home décor, and that ever popular yellow smiley face plastered on everything manufactured from America. The United States is not the only country affected by this 70’s paradox, because Germany kept bringing back the Volkswagen Bug, and even the world’s natural disasters followed this paradox line.

It is Dr. Maxwell’s job to go to the future and see how far this paradox goes before reporting back to his brother, Parker, whose music career originally began in the 70’s but keeps resurfacing with this 70’s paradox. Should they fix this paradox or leave it to continue, finally kill the ever-popular stupid yellow smiley face and let Parker actually stay in retirement.

NOTES: It will depend on whether the readers want to hear Commander Jayson’s prequel story, thus making “Time for Time’s Sake” book 10, instead of book 9.

  • Book 10 or 9 – “Dawn of Time”
    The Prequel Story of King Almar IJayson’s story

Tells the story of Prince Almar I’s abduction and how he had to overcome the problems caused by his shaky childhood. When he meets Lady Andrey of Burma he finds the one woman who can help him get past the pain and mental anguish, while rebuilding their country of Laie.

King Almar I’s shaky childhood leads him onto a throne that harbors treachery within their families and on their borders. A new country has moved next door and has staked a claim for land from Nepal and from Bengal and it is King Almar’s fear that Altare will point their strange weapons in the direction of Laie next. It is after King Almar goes to Altare to establish an understanding, that the king’s entourage is ambushed in the town of Lentel and killed by assassins hired by his own stepfamily.

Queen Suu-Naung is forced to succeed the thrown and unearth the plot set by her husbands’ family, who had never backed Almar as king. While she buries her husband and king, the queen sends the ever resourceful, Colonel Jayson Strand to locate and arrest the deceitful King’s family and their allies.

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