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Character Analysis

Tamea – Princess of Laie & Colonel of Laie’s regular army; Age 19; Birthday April 12th. Name pronounced - T-long a-m-e is silent-short a

Physical Description – Usually sticks to short cut hair just past the nape of the neck, sun-bleached brown hair. Bluish green eyes; changes color depending on what she is wearing. 5’7” height; 128 lbs. Small frame; muscular build especially legs and shoulders. Works out regularly to keep form and training. Walnut brown skin; slight lips, high cheekbones, angular face.

She is a passionate person in everything she does; tries to do everything herself; independent; willful; prefers animals as friends over most people. Becomes physically tense, needs to relax more often, but doesn’t.

Views of men/women – Doesn’t believe in casual sex because of her position. Believes she can have fun outside of the sexual context with men – Gains friendships with men over women. Prefers male competitiveness over female trappings in the normal positions made for women. Believes men fight more fair than women do.

Strengths in personal life – Strong in Faith; Gifts of spiritual discernment. Believes everything happens for a reason. Close to her family. Does not believe in gaining power for the sake of power – despises using one’s position for personal gain. Hates being told she can’t do something, especially because she is a woman. Determination in the trials of life

Weaknesses– Trusts her fellow countrymen too much. Does not fully understand the mentality of an evil person. Tries to do everything herself rather than giving someone else a task or mission. Pushes herself too far. Impatient with others lack of skills. Sometimes does not plan well enough – Prefers action to planning. Not necessarily the mother type – does not hold well with stereotype women

Prejudices – Men who abuse women; people who do not try their best and give up because they think a task is too hard; people who are not open minded to other’s abilities or to others’ life choices. Petty people; lazy people; Evil people; those who abuse animals needlessly; Control mongers; Power mongers; People who plan too much and do not act quickly enough. Those who find faults in everything or are intolerant of others’ ideas.

Strengths in Fight/Combat – Light weight swords such as foils and rapiers – short sword with longer pommel (only sword can use with both hands); fast and light on her feet (very coordinated), very good at throwing knives (custom made knife belts/sheaths for calves, arms, and thighs); Crossbow is preferred over the longbow due to more upper body strength needed to use longbow for any amount of time. She has adapted the crossbow to be threaded with her legs instead of her arms, which was done by some in this time period for speed more than due to lack of strength. Whenever possible she uses her legs over her upper body. Excellent in Stealth/Spy Infiltration because can think quickly and efficiently. However, she needs to stay focused on the mission without distractions.

Weaknesses in Fight/Combat – Hand to hand combat (especially with men of more weight). Even though she works on her upper body strength, because she is a woman she will never have the same strength a man has in their upper body. She adapts where she can by using her stronger legs over the use of her arms. She is vulnerable to easy attack when communicating mind to mind with an animal or person. Still learning what her abilities are, so her learning curve is a weakness. Vulnerable to evil invasions through her communication link.

Ethics – Do your best in all you do; be as honest as possible; killing is what she must do, but not who she is; goals are important instruments in life but not always attainable; prefers laughing to crying; friendships and family are very important to keep close to you; rape and torture should never be applied; give freely and have faith.

Parker Altare – age 36; came through time rift at 18; birthday July 30th, second king of Altare; Became king at age 32.

Parker is 6’1” height, 195 lbs., lean but muscular physique; wavy, sandy brown hair; very deep blue hypnotic eyes, square jaw, handsome specimen, gorgeous in a uniform, in 1967 he would have been characterized as a surfer boy. Gains deep laugh lines in his face as he gets older.

Mary, Parker’s real mother died when he is ten years old, but she had lived in pain for years before she died. A lot of what makes Parker who he is happens because of his father and what happens the first few months after he joins his father’s unit.

Parker follows his father from station to station until the Vietnam War temporarily separates them. Parker lives with his grandparents until he graduates from high school and his father gets him enlisted into his unit in Vietnam.

By the age of 33 Parker has become charismatic and a natural leader, grudgingly so. Does not wish to be a king, but fits the bill. Gets his born leadership from his father, but his people have seen him work hard along side of them in the building of their new country, so he gains a very deep respect from all those under him. He leads by example instead of holding his authority over them. This makes most people who know him care about him deeply and they speak to him on a first name basis.

Does not believe in punishment by imprisonment but by work duty. He has also taken on the responsibility as head of the household and the surrogate father figure for Maxwell especially, and his sister Patrice. Family means more to him after his stepmother and father’s death.

View of men/women – He was born in 1950 and lived his teen years in the 60’s, which made him a free-thinker and liberal sexually, but did not go around having sex (once when he was 15). Things were too tense at home in his early years with his mother having cancer. Believes to each their own, until he is strapped with the responsibility of being the father figure and countries leader. Parker's relationships before he meets Tamea, are in place for the purpose of populating their new nation, but he does not marry. He does have children, but they belong to the country, not to him. The tag of bastard child has no meaning to these people because they were liberal thinkers.

A lot of the 60’s mentality gets passed down to the children. They mix with some of the local women whom the men take as wives or lovers so some of the 1500’s mentality also gets mixed with the free thinkers. This works well together; makes for a binding society.

Strengths Personally –
Natural born leader; Leads by example; Hard worker; Ability to love others is high, he cares deeply for his people and family. Charismatic, does not like to be on public display, but when he makes effort to speak in public, he holds them with his ability to shine. Technically oriented; understands mechanical devices, therefore mechanically inclined. He is arrogant for the sake of public appearances; although he is not when you get to know him personally. He is very generous sexually; wants to bring pleasure and allows experimentation. Is generally kind hearted; bruises easily inside; and generous to others unless they cross him. Loves hard and very loyal to his wife. Believes marriage is forever; till death do you part is his belief, which is why he does what he does in book three. A very proud man especially where his family and country is concerned. Great guitarist and sings very well, teaches Brandt. Loves music in his life, especially rock and roll.

He has an untamed wild streak in him – a risk taker – would have protested the war if he wouldn’t have already been a part of it and would have been born a little later and had a choice. Sometimes restless in nature because he should have been something else. Seems self-assured to others – which comes mainly from being the firstborn. His mental instability has been the only thing really holding him back from being a truly great leader.

Weakness Personally –
Mental stability is paper-thin. His imprisonment in Vietnam has left lasting implications. He feels he can’t be loved by a woman, which is one reason why he had never married. His faith had never been established. Knows there is a God. He is a tough one to get to know right away because of his mental problems and because he puts on the display of how he thinks a king should act; but it is not really who he is underneath.

Thought technology was always the answer; but throughout the first four books he finds this is not always the case. He had spent some time learning the sword and what he considered primitive weapons but never took them seriously.

Prejudices – If he were in his real time he would have had a prejudice for Asians. Hates men who abuse their strength and power over others. Hates men who abuse women or children in any way, shape or form. Does not like to abuse the use of drugs or excessive alcohol. Lazy people; petty people and those who do not try to better themselves somehow. Learning is a constant vehicle for him, he expects others to stay vigilant in learning also. People who think they are right all the time.

Terance Mandafort – Current age 19. Birthday July 2nd; Had lost his family at age 10 when his family was killed in the ambush of King Almar I. When Terance was 14, he read an advertisement offering any male the golden opportunity to become an officer in Laie’s army and good chances of rapid advancement. Terance was a bright kid and took this opportunity.

Physical Description – Short Blond hair; light brown eyes; 5’11” height; 180 lbs.; narrow physique, muscular lean build, oval face; olive complexion; handsome but serious young man. Very well built in upper body strength.

Prejudices – Men who abuse women, children or animals. People who abuse power and strength over others.

Personal Strengths – Caring for women and animals; good with children; very strong fighter – can fight multiple people and is very gifted in many forms of weapons and very good in hand-to-hand combat. He is a loving person. Forgiving of others, unless they have evil intensions to hurt others. Very loyal friend and lover. Very good military leader and popular because of his abilities and use of fair play.

Personal Weaknesses – Jealous tendencies. His abilities to kill clash with his feelings about fair play and the value of life. Ethics – High value on life; personally does not like to take life.

Commander Jayson – Current age 58; Birthday Nov. 28th. 5’10” height. Thick boned, tuff as nails exterior. Graying hair – usually keeps longer than most, just to be different. Deep smile lines in face, has pleasant easy to talk to nature. Tamea’s father figure since her father died when she was 10 years old. Personally takes responsibility for Tamea’s military training and her mentor.

Philosophical nature – brings everything into focus for those around him. Much happier with a simple life, but more complex underneath than he leads many to believe. Very gifted at stealth training and guarding. Does not let powerful men push him around. Religious man who attends church regularly. Believes that everything happens for a reason even if it turns out bad.

Prejudices – Those who abuse power and never offer grace. Frivolous people and those who hide their personalities. Those who don’t have a lick of sense, as he would put it.

Walker Altare II – Also known as Sir Walker – He is the first son from Captain Walker and Patrice I. Is born three weeks after they go through the time rift. Walker’s current age is 19. Birthday January 19th.

Physical Description – 6’1” height; 190 lbs.; Straight Black hair worn short in first book but lets it grow longer throughout the stories. Wears it in a pony tail by book 4. Blue eyes (not as deep blue as Parkers); Lean physique.

Who he is / Personal Strengths -
Deep thinker; a people watcher; doesn’t talk very much unless you talk to him about one of his main interests, intellectually stimulating, main interests are in books, philosophy, economics, history and politics are a high interest to him; would rather do things himself than to explain it to others, independent, is somehow more mature in personality than his years should be, highly motivated, doesn’t laugh as much, has a dry wit and humor. Does not believe in abusing himself physically with alcohol or drugs. Very family oriented-loves his brothers and would do almost anything for them (self-sacrificing). Works out on the sword regularly even when he is in 1978-1983. Learns Karate, Kung Fu, kickboxing, Tai Quoin Do, and even Yoga and Tai Chi while in 1979-1983 when he gets into the U.S. Learns all the personal defense arts and becomes teacher in the martial arts in 1979-1983.

Perception of men/women – He had mates several times in the 1500’s but nothing had come of them. He is open-minded about sex and women’s role in relationships because his mother had been a medic and a trained fighter. These views stay consistent throughout the books, except when he falls in love. He knew his father loved his mother and stayed with her only, with no mating with others. This passes down to Walker in his views of love means a permanent relationship, which is why he has the problem with leaving his love in 1983 in his book.

Religious Beliefs – Parents were never religious sorts. But he has read the Bible and has many questions, finds it a fascinating book. May find Walker studying many religions in order to find the answers to his questions. Walker would probably be the one to question their part in going back to fix the historical anomalies created by Kincaid in the books to come.

Personal Weaknesses – Takes his sterility too much to heart. Thinks it’s a reflection on his manhood. It takes a woman to snap him out of it, of course! He has always relied on technology to solve the national problems. Even though he learns the sword, he thinks of it as a hobby and a good workout routine more than as a serious form of self-defense. Takes life too seriously most of the time. All business! Tries to be everybody’s rock of stability. Does not truly believe enough in his own abilities, comes from being the second son and not the firstborn. He thinks of himself as a shadow of his brother, Parker. Might find him befriending some Vietnam vets because he had lived 20 years with his brother going through his Vietnam nightmares.

Worst Fear – Not being able to survive what Parker had gone through in Vietnam and ultimately fears technological warfare. This fear escalates when he gets to 1978 and finds out more about the cold war.

Prejudices – Political corruption, people who lack self-control, self-imposing people, journalists, historians who got it all wrong, government injustice, personal injustice. Men who abuse power and women. Teachers who push their ideas on their students, and most of the television shows he views. Most organized religions.

Relationship with his parents when they were alive. Got along with mother better, but was never truly close to either of them.

Brandt Altare – Third son of King Walker I and second son of Queen Patrice. Now 18 years old, birthday on May 4th, making him a Taurus.

Physical Description – Slightly lighter hair than Parker’s and also wavy beachcomber look. Looks more like Parker than Walker. Both Parker and Brandt look like Walker Sr., where Walker and Maxwell look more like their mother, Patrice with dark hair. Brandt has light brown eyes, an almost creamy tone to them. Makes you think he’s looking right through you. Brilliant smile, laughs as much as he can. 5’8” but still growing. Weight 155 lbs. Likes to wear bright colors. Later he gets into wearing all black which really shows off his light eyes and blond/brown hair.

Very lucky in just about anything he does. He is a true buccaneer waiting to happen. Open minded and opinionated. Would argue with you even when he is wrong. If you say the sun is up he will argue that it is not. Likes to pick on those he loves most. And for those he does not, he is relentless. Obstinate. Obsessive with his guitar playing and love for music, especially loud music; and becomes obsessed with the sea and ocean. He is young enough to think he is infallible and nothing can stop him. Because he is lucky, he goes out of his way to prove his infallibility. Brandt is a party animal. Loves anything dealing with entertainment, whether women or games of chance. He tries experimenting with anything offered to him but does not trust anything offered for free unless he already knows the person.

Prejudices – Cheaters, morons, jealous men, anything associated with hatred, men who beat women, men who abuse power, and party poopers.

Personal Strengths - Brandt would have made a great racecar driver – he is fearless. He is very accurate and quick with the longbow; learns almost anything easily and quickly.

Personal Weaknesses – Bores easily, prone to become lazy unless given a reason for action. Lack of fear can be a weakness when he finally does find something to fear, which he will. Gets into trouble easily and just as easily weasels his way out. Hurts many women unintentionally just by being with so many, making him apprear insensitive to their feelings. Takes the longest of all the Altare men to finally confess he is in love.

Maxwell Altare – The youngest son of Patrice and Walker Sr., he is currently 15, birthday March 31st

Physical Description - 5’4” and growing a lot in book 1 thru 4. Looks more like Walker with black hair, blue eyes, medium built. Still growing.

The scientist, analytical, obsessive-compulsive sort. Wants to know how everything works and will fix things when they are not. Pours over books and reads everything he gets his hands on. Doesn’t have many friends because always had his brother Parker to work on projects with. He had also followed Kincaid around to find out how his things worked in the future. Loves to hear stories about the future and anything dealing with technology.

Almar IPrince of Laie – Currently 15 years old; birthday September 9th. Tamea’s only brother. His father, King Almar I, died when Almar was 6 years old.

Physical Description – Green eyes, Straight almost black hair, wears it short, may wear it longer when he is 18, just to rebel the authority, 5’5” but still growing. Working on getting stronger. Since he just turned 15 he has a lot of changes coming in other books.

Aloof, insightful, a people watcher, opinionated, does not abuse his position or push his title around, loves to pick on those he loves, arrogant. May add more to his personality when I get to know him better in books to follow.

Personal Strengths – Watches body language, analyzes situations and can read people very well. Close to his sister and mother. No real father figure in his life that I know of right now, other than Commander Jayson.

Prejudices – Men who abuse their power, the Sultan of Bengal and when he sees what happened to his sister he acquires a dislike for men who abuse women.

Other characters will be added as the books progress. So, come back to check on this page to find any new or upcoming characters.

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