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About Aspen the Tiger


Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Tigers are the largest of the big cats, and tigers in India are a bit larger than those in Indonesia or Bali, with males weighing 180 to 260 kilograms (396 to 572 pounds) and females 130 to 160 kilograms (286 to 352 pounds). There are eight subspecies of tigers. The Siberian tiger is the largest of all.

India, as the subcontinent is home to about 55% of the world's remaining wild tigers.

Bengal Tigers are indiginess to eastern India and what has become Bangledesh in the early 1900's. Bengal Tigers, especially the white tiger variety, has been listed as an endangered species. These tigers are now greatly feared preditors who have become know as man-eaters.

Aspen would say this was a bad rap, if you asked him, because the humans must have been in that tigers territory and meat must have been scarce to bother eating them. Humans generally do not taste good and many of their internal organs would be avoided entirely when eaten because they are just plain vile. Aspen would personally not eat anything that ate meat cooked; it just ruins the taste. People taste like what they eat and Aspen would rather not eat secondhand meat. Since Aspen lived back in the late 1500's, he would probably not eat any human for what we put in our bodies now.

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